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What does post-accident repair process look like?

Our priority is to provide services at the highest level with the use of original parts and based on factory repair technology.

Vehicle delivery

Provision of the semi-trailer vehicle for repair.

Appraisal inspection

Visual inspection by the insurer's appraiser.

Preparing a cost estimate

Preparation of a cost estimate based on repair technology approved by the manufacturer.

Accession to repairs

Accession of repair of the vehicle or trailer.

Parts order

Order parts from the manufacturer or an authorized spare parts distributor.

Acceptance of the cost estimate

Acceptance of the cost estimate by the insurance company.

Technical examination

Post-repair technical inspection, frame measurements, convergence.

post-repair assessment

After the repair is completed, a post-repair assessment is issued by the society expert.

Issue of an invoice

Invoice for the repair and delivery of the vehicle to the customer.